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PJH Mission, Vision & Goals


The mission of PJH is to create an environment in which students can achieve success, academically, socially, and emotionally, by incorporating 21st century skills, student-centered instruction, and utilizing the Fundamental Five instructional model.


The vision of Perryton Jr. High is to educate to the best of our ability, all of our students to the highest level of their potential. We believe that education is a shared responsibility of the student, home, school, and community. We believe that each member of this group has a responsibility to enrich life and make learning meaningful for today, as it prepares one for tomorrow. The success of our nation depends on the ability of students to learn how to think critically, to process information and to make good decisions.

Goal 1

Problem Statement #1: Index 2 ELL had a 56% met or exceeds in all subject areas


Root Cause: Though professional development and English learner (EL) resources are available, the overall feeling is that they are not being implemented with fidelity.


Annual Goal: For the 2017-18 school year, PJH will have our EL students meet or exceed 60% (4% growth) in Index 2.

Strategy: Implement research-based instructional strategies from the Fundamental Five to improve student learning and academic performance.

Goal 2

Problem Statement #2: The stakeholder perception of Perryton Junior High is that the climate and culture of the campus is not inviting or conducive to learning.


Root Cause: A lack of positive affirmation was not consistently given and a lack of support from team members led to apathy amongst staff.  This in turn led to low morale.


Annual Goal:   Enhanced communication for all stakeholders will be evidenced by an increase of community and parent involvement by 50%.

Strategy:  Effective communication strategies will be implemented weekly.

For a full, in-depth copy of PJH’s targeted improvement plan (TIP) for the 2017-18 school year, please click here