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The National Jr. Honor Society and the Dirty Cars

Posted Date: 11/27/2017

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The National Jr. Honor Society and the Dirty Cars!

By Tonya Sportsman

There are many communities, clubs, and organizations in the Perryton Jr. High. Some could be Friends of Rachel, STUCO Representatives, or even FFA. One of these in particular is NJHS. NJHS stands for National Jr. Honor Society. NJHS is a group of students who surpass the goals and expectations of every day. Each one of these amazing students are judged by their leadership, honesty, dedication, kindness, and there grades. Lee Anne Nelson, the instructor of NJHS, said, “Working with the wonderful students is both an amazing opportunity and a great honor. I love to work with them in a more comfortable and relaxed setting. These students are so amazing and bright.” These students go through a very hard process to get accepted. They are rated by their teachers, and other staff. They are also put past a board of directors who either veto or pass them; but by far the hardest part is these students must retain an 90% or above average in their core classes. They participate in many community and school wide fundraisers; and events. A few of these are the Valentine’s Day dance and even a Halloween costume dress up day. Another they did is the NJHS carwash to raise money for the pathways program. The pathways program is a program for High School that of you have good grades; very few absences; and no ISS or OSS your first two years of Collage might be paid for. Aleah Kirby said “The things we do in NJHS are really fun and helpful. I love the chance to help the community; as well as having fun with my friends.” NJHS will have a wonderful time this year scrub-a-dubbing at those dirty cars.